Alright, let's do this one more time: welcome to wichitalk version 3 (5? 7? who knows???) It's the title of a song by my favorite band, Pigeon Pit. It's a dare. It's what happens when you ends up at a small liberals arts college in nowhere, nothing.

Every picture taken of the Jersey Devil is actually a picture of me. I like listening to bad music and picking up heavy boxes. if anything here intrigues you, stay for a cup of coffee.


wow what a cool website i bet nothing strange happens when you resize it. (DO NOT OPEN ON SPLIT SCREEN)


about - meet the cool chill normal WEBWIZARD

links - wichitalk's wide web. featuring essays and cool websites and

the wall - cool thing??? on the wall. fucked up? absolutley on the wall. pictures quotes lyrics spells worth noting.

sitemap - x marks the spot...

log - things i forage. mostly songs.

pins - pins i find and make and recieve.

sketches - scribbles

books - esoteric recoomondations

status cafe - status found and collected from the web


5/19/24: "we should bring back dance floor make outs" added to essays

5/2/24: status cafe favs page up!

5/1/24: happy may. found my guestbook after months it is now up

4/20/24: sitemap (finally) up

4/19/24: added viewpoint to all pages

3/9/24: books updated

2/12/24: about.html updated, status cafe added to index

2/11/24: misc links up! edited links page to add them

2/10/24: updated my new layout, adding back some of the old stuff. wichitalk song, earth at the bottom of the page, the end poem. I had planned the whole thing to be sky, but a neocities glitch showed me something i liked. my favorite web designs have been caused by accidents.

2/9/24: new pin page + updated index + updated the wall