get growling.

Welcome to WICHITALK. I'm Em, and I'll be your guide to the strange, the unusual, and the cosmically bizare. Or - The Internet.

WICHITALK is curiosity with a punk aftertaste. It's the title of a song by my favorite band, Pigeon Pit. It's a dare. It's what happens when a high school senior is bored out of her mind. (Or what happens when that high school seniors ends up at a small liberals arts college in nowhere, nothing.)

Fun Fact! Every picture taken of the Jersey Devil is actually a picture of me. if anything here intrigues you, stay for a cup of coffee.



Email me! You'll get a free eyeball out of it. Inqiuries, comments, suggestions, spells, send them my way.



8/26/23: finished my job + made and essay reading list! I didn't put in my commentary for the sake of brevity but I'm crazy about all of them. The one i read most recently was how to keep a writers notebook, which was actually about how notebooks should be feral. I feel validated.

8/25/23: IT HAS. BEEN A MINUTE. new layout. wrote a manfiesto (2 your left). stay tuned.

4/11/23: sub two months. new layout.

3/6/23: LESS THAN 3 MONTHS TIL GRADUATION!!!! Did a bunch of stuff to the homepage, finally made my quote page live, and updated song of the week

2/4/23: More big upgrades! I discovered FONTS! Segway there are FOUR months...until graduation. It's absolutley amazing. I was also called "endearly strange + strangly endearing." so many nice ways to call me weird. I've had my first power outage, read by candlelight, ventured into an old woman's house to retrieve my cell phone. She did not curse me (disapointing). Perplexing. Web Design is so hard because everytime I see a new site my brain explodes.


1/20/23: LINK PAGE LIVE!