alligators. can they kill your children? yes.

web wizard log

2/7/23: added some more links to the link page and put it back on the main page. listening to american poetry club

2/4/23: More big upgrades! I discovered FONTS! Segway there are FOUR months...until graduation. It's absolutley amazing. I was also called "endearly strange + strangly endearing." so many nice ways to call me weird. I've had my first power outage, read by candlelight, ventured into an old woman's house to retrieve my cell phone. She did not curse me (disapointing). Perplexing. Web Design is so hard because everytime I see a new site my brain explodes.


1/20/23: LINK PAGE LIVE!

Welcome to wichitalk, a tiny punk rock corner of the internet.
wichitalk is...

  • the title of a song by pigeon pit, a folk-punk band i saw under a baseball cage
  • atomically unstable
  • a project to get me to graducation.
  • for weird girls and punks and rock collectors and people who a just a little bit unnerving. (but seceretly it's all for me)
"I'm gonna wake up tomorrow, whatever it takes" - Pigeon Pit

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